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Nestled at 10,152 feet of elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, St. Vincent Health is opening a new hospital in 2021 to serve the rural area of Lake County and North America's highest city of Leadville, Colorado.

We are also a Colorado Special District, a Quasi-Municipal Corporation bound by the Rules and Regulations of The State of Colorado.

The Board of Directors, elected by the voters of the special district, provide oversight, strategic direction and have fiduciary responsibility for St. Vincent General Hospital District.

In 1879, the Sister's of Charity - Leavenworth Kansas came to Leadville to address the medical needs of this bustling mining community. Since that time, St. Vincent has provided over 125 years of continuous medical service to the community of Leadville.

Where caring and community meet is our positioning statement but it is also our culture at St. Vincent Health. Our staff has a collective goal to provide compassionate, patient-centered care to our rural community in Lake County, Colorado.

Our Mission

Delivering excellent healthcare to our community with dedication, honesty, and compassion.

Our Vision

To create an adaptive, collaborative, accessible, and sustainable healthcare system.

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There are currently no relevant open jobs at this time.

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